Capturing risks, situations and behaviors on site. Immediately assess and take follow-up actions. Always view current safety situation.

Much less administration. Automatically share reports with responsible people and departments.

Digital checklists and reports. Extensive export functions for Excel, PDF.

Always up to date evidence that the company complies with the statutory safety standards.

Mobile Features

  • For Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Works online and offline
  • Capturing situations with notes and photos
  • Auto Memory Entry of time, GPS location and weather conditions;
  • Recorded information on site or edit afterwards;
  • Situations classify and mark by swiping and tapping
  • SHE classifications according to Best Practices
  • Create your own fields for classification, project sites, buildings and equipment;
  • Actions, tasks and add person responsible
  • Indicate priority and urgency
  • Synchronization and backup with private cloud environment
  • Results private store or share with team

Dashboard & Cloud Features

  • Data from mobile apps review, edit and enhance;
  • Creating and managing teams
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities;
  • Review and adjust reported data;
  • Management of (outstanding) actions, follow-up and those responsible
  • Share results with your team or keep it private
  • Online slideshow
  • Report a selection of pictures
  • Export data to Word and Excel
  • Visual management reporting and data visualizations trends and linkages visible
  • Safe storage of data in the cloud
  • API for integration with incident management, ERP, licensing and other business systems.