AndSafety Inspections for workplaces, environment, equipment or behavior. Create a site inspection with a checklist on your smartphone and register deviations and actions. AndSafety Inspections is a user-friendly solution that enables the supervisor to tailor an inspection in an online environment, modify and distribute. The inspector or quickly and easily with a simple mobile app to make an inspection, record any problems and actions and make contact with the manager. Afterwards, the manager can see the data from the inspection, editing and reporting or exporting.

Mobile registration of inspections in the workplace; for tools, appliances or behavior. Inspect the workplace with a checklist on your mobile phone and record details of abnormalities including photos and information on follow-up; Comply easily with less effort with Health, Safety and SCC requirements.

  • Inspection with checklist on your mobile;
  • Identifying and resolving abnormalities;
  • Inspection Items with pictures and notes;
  • Create and track follow-up actions:
  • Immediately known who carried out which inspection;
  • Automatic periodic inspection;
  • Custom inspection Questions;
  • Analysis and reports.


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Mobile App

  • For smartphones and tablets
  • Works online and offline
  • Simple input: enter data into 'one-touch'
  • Support for taking pictures
  • Industry-specific fields for buildings / units
  • Safety-score for potential impact, urgency
  • Follow-up: Register urgent, and necessary actions taken
  • Quality and HSE classification according to best practices
  • Keep data safe in the cloud without the need to invest in servers

Cloud Dashboard

The app works with the AndSafety Cloud service that allows data to be reliably and securely shared and available through the desktop.

  • Review and modify mobile captured data
  • Determine action plan and follow-up actions
  • Share observations with your team or keep it private
  • Insight: search and filter observations and show a list
  • Report one or a selection of observations in Word
  • Export data to Excel
  • Management reports pie-, line and bar charts to analyze
  • trends and relationships
  • Secure storage in the cloud
  • API for integration with incident management, ERP, license or other systems