About AndSafety

AndSafety makes affordable mobile apps for businesses with little effort to demonstrate that they meet all legal safety standards. Simple digital tools involve employees in the safety process, without distraction from work. The AndSafety toolbox integrates workplace and administration.

There is less “waste” because the apps stimulate conscious and efficient work. Companies cut direct time and money on VCA administration and reporting. less money is spent on consultancy.

Finally, the process provides valuable data. With analysis this value can be unlocked in order to improve the existing policy.

AndSafety targets SMEs, in order to help improve safety in the workplace. AndSafety is a new innovative Dutch company. The founders have years of experience in developing software and services for heavy industry, HSE, sharing economy and e-commerce. Our mobile checklists-, observation and reporting tools are designed for anyone working in a risky environment. Designed for individual use, for teams and business environment. Made for the daily usage in the workplace. Built with the latest insights on technology and user experience.